New additions:

19 February 2008:Photos from Erta Ale volcano, Ethiopia
Erta Ale Feb. 2008

12 November 2007:

Hawaii in 2007

11 November 2007:

New strombolian activity at Stromboli volcano.

28 August 2007:
Hawai'i in 2007

28 June 2007:
Nyiragongo volcano

25 March 2007:
Stromboli's lava flows

(posted on VolcanoDiscovery)

13 December 2006:
Bromo volcano

13 December 2006:
Earthquake damage (Yogyakarta 27 May 06)

29 November 2006:
Stromboli photos from June-Nov.

25 November 2006:
Etna eruption in Nov. 2006

22 October 2006:
Etna volcano eruption Oct. 2006

8 September 2006: Nyigagongo volcano

7 September 2006:
Welirang volcano

30 August 2006:
Merapi in August 2006

14 July 2006:
Merapi eruption 2006

28 March 2006:
New photos from Hawaii

2 February 2006:
Nyiragongo volcanoi

7 January 2006:
Photos from Stromboli

20 Nov. 2005:
Photos from Santorini Light

24 Oct. 2005:
Photos from Krakatau.
and other photos from Indonesia from our tours in 2005:

24 May 2005:
Photos from Stromboli.

21 March 2005:
Photos from the last VolcanoDiscovery expedition Feb. 2005

23 Oct. 2004:
Photos from Java, Indonesia.

17 Sept. 2004:
Photos from Etna.

9 August 2004:
Photos from Methana.

4 August 2004:
Miscellaneous new photos from Santorini.

22 July 2004:
Photos from La Reunion.

18 February 2004:
New photos from Hawaii.



- a collection of (mostly) volcano photography -

1. Geographic list


News: Photo prints & recent volcano photos

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2. Thematic List
- photographic volcano dictionary

In order to explain important volcanic terms and help finding photos illustrating non location-specific volcanic and volcanism-related topics, a thematic list is being created here. This process will be an extremely slow process (1 addition expected per month...) and the list will never (nor is meant to) be anything close to complete. At the same time, I am inviting for suggestions/ contributions.
For each keyword, only one or a few photos will be shown. Many more can generally be found within the geographically ordered photo pages. 

To make a modest start...:

OTHER volcanic photoglossaries:
For additional photos and keywords not included here, please visit the photoglossary of partnersite Stromboli Online and/or the
USGS Photoglossary. The index of Vic Camp's How Volcanoes Work contains an extensive catalogue of volcanic terms, most with in-depth explanations, illustrations and photos.

3. Non volcanic photos

Catania's fish market

Maasai market, Tanzania

Miscellaneous pictures, Iceland


Java, Indonesia - people, landscapes, food etc.





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