- new activity at SE crater and flank eruption from the fissure below SE crater in October 2006 -

4 October 2006: strombolian activity at SE crater

SE crater seen from the S and N. Weak strombolian eruptions from the summit of SE crater.
Ejected lava bombs (enlarged detail to the right). SE crater eruption in moonlight. Lights of Catania in the background of right picture.
SE crater in eruption seen from the SW. A large incandescent boulder detaches from the flow front and rolls down the slope, leaving hundreds of glowing traces on the ground after its passage. Strombolian explosions and lava flow emerging from the breached SE crater.

13 October 2006: new lava flow from 2830 m vent

The vent of the new eruption (left pictures), spectators behind the flow.

INGV sampling the lava flow. The lava flow descends into Valle del Bove. Close-ups.
Group at the lava flow. VolcanoDiscovery was there, too! SE crater in background and the flow. The surface of the 3 m wide flow.
The vent of the flow. Members of our group standing at the flow. Close-ups (2).
Turi - always one of the first ones to arrive at the scene! Slow-moving lava. The lava flow descending into Valle del Bove.