Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Stromboli's New Year fireworks: 30 Dec. 2005 and 1 of January 2006 -

Large strombolian explosion from the SW cone, Stromboli volcano 

1 January: eruptions at night

Left & middle: Beginning and ending phase of a typical eruption from the SW cone.

Right: At night, the bright glow from another vent (left in photo) at the western end of the central crater becomes visible. While the large crater of the SW cone is spattering (center), bombs from an eruption of the NE cone are still raining down onto the E half of Stromboli's crater.

After an eruption of the central crater, the crater is dotted with lava bombs while the vent seems like a glowing throat, where large spatter slowly slide back into its interior.

The SW cone and two of its frequent, spectacular eruptions with the lights of a passing ship in the background. The second eruption is particularly strong and throws out many blocks onto the near side of the crater wall (note: these are wide-angle shots showing most of the crate terrace!).
Strong eruption from the NW crater, spattering from the W vent of the central crater (second left), extremely bright glow from the spattering SW cone and glow from the vent at the top of NE cone. Three active vents of the central crater, the NE cone producing a tall fountain 200 m. 4 active vents of the central crater (left and middle): a rare fountain from the NW vent of the Central crater (left), spattering from the W vent, the bright glow from the SW cone (middle-left) and the NE cone (middle-right), and a strong, rare eruption of the NE crater (right).