Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Stromboli's New Year fireworks: 30 Dec. 2005 and 1 of January 2006 -

Eruption from Stromboli's NW crater at dusk  Eruption from Stromboli's NW crater at night

30 December 2006: Preparation

VolcanoDiscovery members Tom Pfeiffer and Karen Blatchford decided to spend New Year 2005/2006 on Stromboli together. Here's why:-)
Stromboli was observed to be in a particularly violent phase, similar to what it had been in October 2005. Most remarkable was the evident high level of the magma column inside the central crater, with the presence of a small (hidden) lava lake in the wide-open crater of the SW vent. We think that a new effusive eruption could start in the near future.
Note that these photos were taken during excursions accompanied by an authorized guide (which the new regulations on Stromboli require).

Jets of the NW crater vent, lasting up to 20 seconds throw glowing spatter (red in daylight) to up to 100-150 meters that day; the sound is surprisingly low, but resembles a jet engine. (TP) Beautiful explosions from the SW cone in the central crater, partially hidden by intense steam forming on the crater. (TP / KB)
SW cone eruption and illuminated steam (TP / KB) Long exposures made impossible due to the strong glow and heavy steam; an eruption from the central crater (TP). Night-time eruption from the NW crater and glow from the SW cone of the central crater (TP).

Glowing steam and an eruption from the central crater, Stromboli