Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Stromboli's New Year fireworks: 30 Dec. 2005 and 1 of January 2006 -

 Powerful twin jets from the top of the NW cone (central crater of Stromboli)

Erupting NW cone and spattering SW cone crater

1 January 2006: magma bubbles from the SW cone of Stromboli's central crater

At intervals of 5-15 minutes, the large lava-filled and spattering cauldron of the SW cone in the central crater erupts giant magma bubbles, that explode with detonating sounds and eject bombs all over the whole crater and to up to 200 m height. (KB / TP) The NE crater is only rarely active, about once every hour. Strombolian explosions produce brown ash and glowing spatter to 100-150 m height. (KB)
Three shots in short time intervals showing an exploding magma bubble from the SW cone in the central crater. (KB)

The central crater: SW and NE cones

Left two photos: SW and NE cones erupting simultaneously, indicating that their conduits are closely related. While a lava lake is boiling high up in the wide-open crater of the SW cone, the magma level in the steep NE cone is lower, resulting in powerful gas-driven jets that throw out spatter to up to 250 m. Close observation of the eruptions of the NE cone reveal blue flames at the beginning of each eruption (combustion of gas), and that the opening at its top consists of two narrow vents that produce slightly inclined jets that merge in the air (this can be seen on the photo in tall format above). (TP

Right 3 photos: Erupting crater of the SW cone seen with through a 200mm telephoto lens. (TP)

1 January 2006: glow at dusk

Sequence of a powerful eruption of the SW cone throwing lava bombs of considerable sizes all over Stromboli's crater. (KB)
Wide-angle shot of the above explosion. (TP) Bright explosion from SW cone. (KB) Every 5-30 minutes, the active vent in the NW crater emits tall, lasting fountains of lava, accompanied by a hissing noise. Two vents of the central crater have lava lakes inside and are glowing even in daylight (W and SW cones).
Note that this is the same eruption in almost the same instant both in wide angle (TP) and approx. 50mm (KB).

Left 3 photos: Bright fountains from the NE cone and spattering from the glowing SW cone vent; the same eruption in wide angle (left; TP) and in two moments in 50 mm (middle, right; KB).

Right photo: Glowing battlefield; a strong eruption of the SW cone vent has thrown glowing blocks all over the crater terrace. For a minute, there is an eary silence, as if the volcano needs to repose, before the usual spattering sets in again. The blocks remain glowing for many minutes into the night. (KB)

Evening light; Salina Island in the background. Close-up into spatter from the lava lake inside the SW cone crater.