Stromboli Volcano Photos

- October / November 2007: Stromboli "back to normal" activity -

24 Oct 2007:  eruptions from the from individual vents

23 Oct 2007. Clear skies after some very stormy days. 23 Oct 07. Nice eruptions from the NE crater seen from the East.
30 Oct. Strong scirocco wind creates turbulence in the crater, trapping the fumes in there... Group climbing Stromboli volcano. 4 Nov 07. Small ash eruption (l) from a vent in Stromboli's breached crater (r).
4 Nov 07. Powerful, 200 m high eruption from the northeastern vent of the central crater (the former NE cone) showering glowing bombs all over the crater. Incandescent glow from the central crater. 4 Nov 07. A bright yellow blob of viscous lava appears in the NE vent, forms a bubble and explodes. After the initial explosion, several powerful jets of spatter-rich erupt from the opened vent. 5 Nov 07. Glow from 4 vents illuminating steam clouds in the evening blue.
Typical configuration of the crater in June 2006. 5 Nov 07: Views of the new crater terrace, with weak eruptions of the central and NE crater vents.

After the flank eruption in Feb / March 2007 and the violent explosion on 15 March, much of the central and eastern parts of the crater, as well as the whole of the crater wall facing the Pizzo (see photo left for comparison) had collapsed, leaving a new, much deeper crater. The new activity at Stormboli has begun to fill this new crater. Interestingly, the principal active vents seen to be at more or less the same positions as before.
The NE central and NE crater vents. The glowing vent in the NE crater. Naked remnant of the former SE crater wall. Series of a jet-like spatter fountain from the NE central crater vent.
Spattering from two 2-3m wide vents in the S part of the central crater. Glow from the central and NE vents. Small eruption at the NE central vent.
Sunset impressions - sunlight filtered by ash and gas clouds.