Stromboli Volcano Photos

- October / November 2007: Stromboli "back to normal" activity -

5 Nov 2007: strombolian activity from 5 vents

5 Nov. Lava fountains from the central crater, lasting 30 seconds. During the course of the eruption, a concentric fracture around the principal openening of the vent opens and ejects lava as well. 5 Nov 06. Spattering twin vents in the W part of the central crater (left), occasional jet-like eruptions from the NE vent of the central crater (center), and infrequent (ca. 1 per hour) weak strombolian eruptions from the NE crater vent (right).
Glwoing vents at dusk. The NW crater (left) erupts long-lasting hissing jets of gas and ash, containing only relatively few incandescent bombs. Spattering of the large twin vents in the central crater. Candle-like spatter and gas jet from the NE vent.
Sequence of a typical gas and ash rich eruption from the NW crater.
Spattering from the central crater. Eruptions from the NE crater vent. Central crater vents, NE vent, and NE crater vent at dusk.