Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Lava flow on the Sciara del Fuoco in June 2003 -

27-28 June: Lavaflows on the Sciara del Fuoco at night

Two vigorously active lava flows on the Sciara del Fuoco seen at night. Activity was fluctuating during May-late June, this night the flows were relatively active with the most advanced front reaching about 150 m a.s.l. 

Zoom at the upper parts of the flows; viewpoint from 400 m a.s.l.

The same area but seen from around 600 m a.s.l.

The upper one of the two active vents at around 600 m a.s.l. in the dim light of dawn.

The NE crater (left) and the dark flat lava shield that has formed during the 6 months of lava emission since Dec. 30, 2002. 

30 June: night/morning

The lava flows on the Sciara del Fuoco are still active, although the effusion rate has slightly diminished compared to 2 nights earlier.

Lava flows and traces of tumbling and jumping glowing rocks on the steep slope.

Impressions at dawn.


4-5 July: night-time visit

4 nights later, the lava emission has decreased further, and the SE crater started to show weak strombolian explosions (illuminating the steam that it emits).