Merapi Volcano Photos

- Eruption in May 2006: Glowing lava dome and pyroclastic flows -

Merapi volcano awakes (May 2006)

Merapi volcano seen from Babandan on May 19. The glowing rock avalanches from the lava dome are hidden behind the slope.

Merapi seen from the SE side on May 21.

Traces of glowing rock-falls from the new lava dome seen from Tunggularum on the SW slope (May 22)

The steam and ash plume of Merapi at sunrise.

Merapi seen from Tunggularum (24 May 2006)

Glowing rock-falls from Merapi at night.

Rescue workers keeping watch over Merapi at the road block.

A small pyroclastic flow approaches the area.

Alarm sirene at the watch-tower.

Zoom onto the front of a small pyroclastic flow travelling down the SW slope. Ash cloud rising from the slope of the volcano after the pyroclastic flow has descended. Merapi's perfect cone and the channel followed by rock-falls and pyroclastic flows on the SW side.

Merapi's new lava dome (May 21)

The new lava dome on the summit of Merapi seen from the north side.

Lights of Solo and the eastern side of the lava dome.

Glowing rocks at the lava dome

Neighboring Merbatu volcano