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- Strong activity in and around Pu'u O'o in late 2003: erupting skylights, sheet lava flows and hornitos -

28 November 2003: sheet flows

In the middle of the flow field, ca. 3 km away from Pu'u O'o, a skylight is eruting, producing an eerie pulsating lava fountain sourrounded by a flat pond of lava, about 100 m in diameter. From time to time, surges of sheet flows are moving across the surface of the new shield.

The surface of sheet flows closely resembles that of a lava lake, with fractured fieces of floating crust.

A few days after, the small shield is no longer active and cooling. Only the glow beneath the crust indicates that it is still very hot underneath.

4 December 2003: Erupting hornito

Photos above and below: Located ca. 2 km SE of Pu'u O'o on the flat rootless shield complex, a small hornito is erupting throwing out spatter to up to 10 m. The hornito was active during approx. 1 hr., after which it had become sealed of. On the last 2 photographs below, only a small opening on the left side of the hornito was still ejecting jets of burn gas and, less and less frequently, small clots of lava.

7-11 December 2003: activity inside Pu'u O'o

Aerial view of the NW rim of Pu'u O'o showing the internal strata of agglutinated spatter that compose the cone. Aerial view onto the NE sector of Pu'u O'o's crater floor with 3 incandescent vents. Aerial view of a typical surface flow on the lava flow field SE of Pu'u O'o.

Karl-Heinz inside the West Gap of Pu'u O'o observing an active vent in the center of the crater (middle and right photo). 11 December, 2004.

Another active vent,-actually a pair of vents (one barely visible at the right end of the small pit crater behing the larger cone) seen near the N rim of Pu'u O'o. Photos taken on 11 December, 2004