Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Stromboli's Central Crater at its best: late April 2005 -

29 April + 1 May 2005: Mild activity from Stromboli's NE crater

Candle-like explosions projecting glowing bombs to up to 150 m from a new cone in the central vent cluster of Stromboli volcano on 29 April, 2005. Other two glowing weakly spattering vents are visible in front of the cone towards the observer, as well as a second glowing (but not erupting) cone and weak spattering from a hidden vent at the right end of the crater (NE crater). Note the shadow of Stromboli island on the layer of clouds at low altitude on the r photo. 

A beautiful eruption from the central vent.

The central and NE craters both in eruption. 5 glowing and erupting vents (Central and NE craters).
Rarely, the second spatter cone E of the Central crater vents erupts as well, in a similar fashion as the Central Crater. The Central Crater cone. A glowing, sometimes spattering pit is visible in front of the spatter cone at the Central Crater.

Note: The photos were taken during two excursions of the VolcanoDiscovery team in Southern Italy; activity at Stromboli volcano was very variable during our visits, but we present some of the photos taken during phases of exceptional good weather conditions and when activity was relatively strong. Up to 6 vents were active at the time. To read a more detailed report and see other photos of the trip, please visit the following page on VolcanoDiscovery.