- Strombolian activity and lava flows from Bocca Nuova in late 1999 -

26 October: strombolian activity from 3 vents in BN 

thm_etna_10612.jpg thm_etna_10633.jpg thm_etna_10633.jpg

Strong strombolian explosions from at least 3 vents within Bocca Nuova. 26 October 1999. On the left picture, a huge bomb lands on the outer crater flank and crashes into pieces.

Bocca Nuova (left) and South-east crater (right). Scorpio in the sky.

Bocca Nuova in eruption.

27-28 October

thm_etna_8332.jpg thm_etna_8305.jpg thm_etna271099_15.jpg
Unstable uplifted W part of Bocca Nuova rim on 27 October.
Bombs showering the SW flank of the Bocca Nuova. Strong steam and ash emissions from 2 active vents within Bocca Nuova.
thm_etna271099_16.jpg 27 October 1999 thm_etna_8347.jpg
During its strongest phases of activity, BN emits ash- and steam clouds up to 2 km high.  The interrupted "forestale" road on the W flank of the mountain.
thm_etna_8347.jpg thm_etna271099_13.jpg thm_etna271099_14.jpg
Lava flows from BN run descend the steep 1000m high W flank of Etna, destroying a part of the "forestale" road and another small patch of forest. Night of 27-28 October.

29 October

thm_etna_8343.jpg thm_etna_8344.jpg

Spectacular ash emissions from Bocca Nuova on 29 October.

Bursting magma bubbles.




New lava flows during the night of 29 October seen from Rifugio Palestra. On the r picture, a giant explosion throws huge bombs to 500m height above the (hidden) crater.

Ca. 50m high lava fountains from the W vent inside BN and an issuing lava flow (lower left).