Nyiragongo Volcano Photos

- The lava lake in January 2006: a boiling cauldron of hell -

26-28 January: the lava lake

View onto the lake from our campsite, obscured by fumes. The lake is 580m below us.

A clearer view onto the northern half of the vigorously boiling lava lake. The whole lake seen from the west with strong fountains playing on the W (left), E and S margins of the lake..



Zig-zagging patterns of fast moving crust boundaries and strong fountains along the rims of the lake.

The lava lake seen in twilight from the w crater rim.

Views of the crater rim

Heavy fumes produced by the fountains in the lake.

Illuminated inner western walls of the lake's cauldron. View form 600 m above the lake... Stefan in position...

Stefan observing the lake and the illuminated inner crater walls.

Partial view onto the lava lake.


Dead branches of shrub on the crater rim, killed during the 2002 eruption.

View onto the western rims surrounding the lake. Illuminated interior of the crater at dusk (the lake itself would have been too bright to expose in this shot)

28 January: views at dusk