Nyiragongo Volcano Photos

- The crater in January 2006: life on the rim -

The inner crater walls of Nyiragongo - successions of lava flows and scoria layers

26-28 January: the crater rim

View onto the lake, 580m below us.


Volcanic gasses.

A crow. We decide to walk around the rim, not believing but learning quickly it will take us 5 hours total!
We long passed the point of no return... Dead shrub on the edge of the crater.
On the NE part of the rim, dense vegetation grows right until the crater rim, even orchids. Our park ranger's "toy".
Marco taking one of his panoramas Scoria-collector to measure ash and scoria falls if any... - but also useful as cisterns. Marco will later remember washing his hands as one of the tour's highlights!

Rescue operation

Only for "insiders",- David making his way around the upper parts of the steep cliffs below the campsite... (should not tried to be imitated!)

Terraces in the crater

The discontinous first (upper) and second (lower) terraces, showing the lava lake's levels of 1977 and 2002, respectively.

Cliffs above the first terrace.