Nyiragongo Volcano Photos

- The city of the phoenix: Goma -

Colors of Goma

Cars and trucks that nobody could drive away fast enough. Lava followed the main roads in the town center, but life continues to roll along those roads. Modéler. Le futur.
(To shape. The future.)
Ruins of the church and a branch of the lava flow that flowed through an alley.
Reconstruction. Once the city's commercial centre, now a barren field of lava, but people stay. Abandoned ruin.
Make -shift huts and shops reappear. Thousands of Hairdressers exisit in Goma... Painting the future. Construire. L'avenir.
(To construct. The future)
Some houses resisted the flow. Goma is one of MONUC's headquarters and central operationsl point. Goma's busy airport. Lights from Goma and glow from Nyiragongo.

Observing Nyiragongo

Visit of the Goma volcano observatory (GVO) Nyiragongo

The lava flow from Nyiragongo that devastated Goma on Jan. 17, 2002