Nyiragongo Volcano Photos

- The lava lake in January 2006: details -


26-29 January: fountains and surface fractures of the lava lake

Ever-changing and moving fracture patterns of fractures on the boiling lake's partly frozen surface.

Violent fountains at the W end of the lake: sometimes exploding bubbles (left photo, up to tens of meters high), sometimes changing the whole surface of the lake into a boiling mess...


Fountains from the SW rim of the lake, accompanied by heavy gas and steam emissions.

Strong fountains from the N rim of the lake.

Fountains from the N and E margins of the lava lake

Violens fountains were usually present at the E end of the lake, sometimes accompanied by fountains on the NE and SE margins (left photo).

Bursting lava bubble of 20+ meters diameter in the E end of the lake.

Fountains from the N, E and SE margins of the lake.
Bursting lava bubble from the W end of the lake. Small, isolated fountains in the middle of the lake were sometimes observed as well.
3 shots in short time interval of the bubbling fountain on the SW margin of the lake.