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Hekla Photo Gallery: March 2003

Lava flows of the 2000 eruption of Hekla volcano, Iceland


3 March: the still active lavaflow on the S side of Hekla

Approaching Hekla through a snowy winterlandscape. Special vehicles (photo above) are the only way to pass the large distances from the nearest accessible roads.

At the lowest part of the eruptive fissure, a lava flow is still issuing (4 March).

Just next to and below the eruptive fissure, the violent intrusion of magma has led to the uplifting of a huge block by about 30 m; note the fragmented ice cover, still intact at the top of the uplifted block.. Weak steaming and the most recent, largest ca. 8 km long lava flow as a black mass in the foreground. Older craters dot the summit ridge of Hekla. The recent fissure passes just behind the craters where steam is coming out; young lava flow in the background (7 March).


Left above: Approaching Hekla in winter is difficult, even with snowmobiles...

Right above: Group in front of the 10m-high lava flow front.

Left below: Hekla volcano and the lava flow front.

Right below: Same uplifted block as in photo before; the eruptive fissure is right of if, with Hekal in the background.


Cooling lava.



6 March: aerial views

The largest crater and the still steaming eruptive fissure on Hekla's summit ridge. Above/below:
4 aerial views of the summit ridge of Hekla. The still steaming eruptive fissure and a huge boulder that had been pushed aside from it, leaving a trace on the flank (left picture); several lava flows, partly covered by the snow from the snowstorm on 28/29 Feb. that had flown down from the fissure. The dark area in the background marks the area of the most recent ash-fall.





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