- new flank eruption from the fissure at the Valle del Bove wall in September 2004 -

10 September 2004: Lava and ice - the new fissure vent at 2600m

The new lava flow that emerged on 10 Sept. seen from above; in the area the ground is heavily fractured, with many new fumaroles aligned with the eruptive fissures.

The new vent emits a lava flow that cuts its path melting older deposits of snow and scoria. Heavy steaming caused by rapid melting and vaporization of packets of snow falling onto the lava flow.
Lava flow at dusk. Lava close-up.

12 September

the new flow in its well-established lava channel, forming an island.

Old dikes on the Valle del Bove wall illuminated by the lava flow. Strong spattering from the vent begins after sunset, lasting ca. 2 hrs. Bombs are thrown to up to 50 m vertical and horizontal distance.  Giarre city lights in the background.