Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Exceptionally strong activity from 9 active vents at the end of June / early July 2006 -

25 June 2006:  moderate activity and 7 active vents

The configuration of the crater terrace as in late June/early July 2006 as typical for most of the period 2005-2006. The numbering and grouping of the vents is arbitrary (still following the earlier classification before the landslide on 30 Dec. 2002): NE crater with 3 vents (1a-1/-2, 1b), the central crater with 4 vents (2a, 2b-1/-2, 2c) and NW crater with 3 vents (3a, 3b). Vents 1a-1 and 1a-2 are closely spaced and probably connected at very shallow depth, as they are seen erupting at once most of the time. The same is true for the small vent 2b-2 at the flank of the tall cone at 2b-1, which seems to serve as an "extra valve" and seems to erupt only when 2b-1 has a strong eruption. Above: 300-400 m tall, candle-like eruption from the hornito at NW crater (3a), spattering from vents in the central and NE crater (2b-1 and 1a-1)
Below: similiarly strong fountains from the cone in the NE corner of the central crater (2b-1), spattering from 2-c.
The central crater cone 2-b was erupting tall jets up to 400 m height every 5-10 minutes.
Eruptions from the NE crater vents seen from Bastimento and from Pizzo. Strong eruption of NE crater, spattering from NE cone of central crater (2b-1)
Eruptions from NE crater (foreground) and the NW crater hornito (3a) in the background. At the end of June, the top of the hornito has become visible from the Bastimento rim east of the crater terrace. Eruption at dawn from 2b-1 and small discharge from 2b-2; spattering from the NE crater in the forground.
Ash eruptions from NE crater. Large rockfalls on the Sciara del Fuoco.