Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Exceptionally strong activity at the end of June / early July 2006 -

Eruptions from the NW crater at dawn and weak explosions from the NE crater

5 July 2006:  powerful eruptions at high frequency

Powerful, simultaneous fountains from the NW crater and central crater vent (2c). 300-400 m tall eruption from NW crater cone (left), spattering from vents (2c and 2a).
The eruptions were so strong and bright that taking photos without overexposing the core of the fountains by several stops was impossible: at intervals of often less than minutes, several 200-400 m tall eruptions occurred from the central crater vent 2c (1st photo), 2a and 2b (2nd photo), the NW crater cone 3a (3rd photo) and the central crater vent 2b on the 4th photo.
Starting fountain from central crater vent 2b-1. Note that its collapsed shape compared to the photo on the right showing the same vent taken a few days earlier. Simultaneous eruptions from 3 vents. Simultaneous eruptions from two vents.
Very tall eruption from the western vent in the central crater (2c). Eruption from the NW crater at dawn and weak explosions from the NE crater. Erupting NW crater vents (left) and central crater vents (right).