Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Exceptional activity at the end of June / early July 2006: smoke rings -

28 June 2006:  smoke rings at Stromboli

Eruption of the central crater (2a), and smoke-puffing cone 2b-1 in the right background. Smoke rings from the NE central crater cone (2b-1).
Smoke rings were produced from the central crater cone at intervals of sometimes less than a minute. Several smoke rings are visible on the right photo.
  Jet-like eruptions from the same crater.
Overview on the crater terrace (with two smoke rings in the picture, one from NW crater 3a and one from the central crater cone 2b-1). Naming of individual vents. Ash eruption form NE crater. Eruption from the westernmost vent in the central crater (2c).