Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Rain of Fire: erupting craters on Stromboli -

28 June & 5 July 2006:  eruptions from individual vents

5 July. Strong spattering - not a discrete explosion! - from the central crater vent 2a. 5 July 06. Moments during an eruption of the collapsed cone 2b in the central crater.
Eruption of the NW crater cone
28 June 06. Candle-like, gas rich jets from the NW crater cone. 28 June 06. The steep central crater cone 2b at the beginning and after an eruption (before its collapse).

 - the location and naming of vents -
28 June 06. Sequence of a typical gas rich, candle-like eruption of the cone in NW crater, starting with glowing bluish-purple gas jet (burning hydrogen?) 5 July 06. Eruption of the western vent 2c in the central crater.
28 June 06. Rain of bombs from the NW crater vent 3a. 28 June 06. Eruptions from the central crater vent 2a.
28 June 06. Small eruptions in the central crater from vent 2a and 2b. Compare the configuration with the photos below, note the collapse of the 2b cone, 5 July 06. Eruptions from the NE crater.
5 July 06. Rain of bombs over the central and NW crater vents 2a and 2b. The flat cone of the western vent 2c in the central crater 5 July 06. Gas-rich fountain from the NW crater 3a. 5 July 06. The western vent 2c in the central crater covered with bombs.