- Activity in November 2006 (Part 8) - SE crater eruption and new lava flows from the 3050 vent West of SE crater  -


8 November 2006: SE crater paroxysm

In the afternoono, SE crater is emitting dense ash clouds.
Suddenly, at around sunset, the ash emission stops and strombolian activity starts, that very slowly grows more intense.
Bombs landing on the E flank of SE crater. In our absence, three effusive vents have become active at the West side of SE crater: the vents at 3050 m elevation (lower left), already active before (see photos from day before) as well as, to everyone's surprise, another vent in the saddle between the summit cone and SE crater (upper right of photos).
All of the vents are feeding largelava flows and spattering, in particular the upper of the two lower vents (similar as on the day before).
Several rivers of lava are running down the slopes of the summit cone. People appraching the flow fronts. The newest vent from the saddle with its lava flow on the photos to the right.
The slihouette of SE crater against the rising moon frames Giovanni Tomarchio filming the news. Flashlights of a group on the scene. In the comfort of the radiation heat of the lava flow fronts.
Marco and spectators. Filming the new lava.

8 November 2006: Strombolian activity at SE crater and the 3050 m vent

Strombolian activity from the summit of SE crater, seen from the West side...
Strong spattering from the 3050 m vent, similar as on 7 November.  
The saddle vent (left) and strombolian activity from SE crater; note that there is a second vent active on the top of SE crater (third photo). Traces of glowing bomb showers on the slope of SE crater.