- Activity in November 2006 (Part 3) - a spattering hornito, exploding lava bubbles at the 2800 m vent in Valle del Bove (3) -


8 November: spattering hornito at the 2800 m vent

From a distance, the area around the 2800 m vent with its large hornito looks similar as on previous visits (see Part 1)... ... but on getting closer, we realize that the hornito is spattering violently from two openings, by exploding lava bubbles. The surges in lava also feed also two small, viscous lava flows, that are covering the same area where the skylight used to be.

Spectacular spattering from exploding lava bubbles, note the fine glassy lava hair between single fragments visitble on the 100% enlargement section ("Pele's Hair")

A tall, chimney like hornito about 20 m downstream of the vent had been build some time between 3 and 8 November, but was not active today. The spattering hornito seen from below, where the heat from the flow blurs the air.

Photographer at work; in the background, SE crater is emitting dense clouds of ash, preparing its paroxysm the same afternoon (see also Part 8!)