- Activity in November 2006 (Part 1) - a skylight at the 2800 m vent in Valle del Bove (1) -


1 November 2006: open channel skylight at 2800 m vent

Groups of tourists at and on the 2800 m vent, marked by a 5 m tall hornito. Just downstream of the vent, escaping steam and gas clouds mark the lava tube and the location of a 10 m long, 1 meter wide skylight.
Filming the skylight. Marco Fulle at work. Agressive gas and steam clouds are often in our way (and noses!)
Views onto the narrow channel; strangely shaped, often short-lived stalactites hang from its incandescent walls.
The lower end of the skylight. The upper end of the skylight.
Martin Rietze at work. Looking onto the stream of lava below... Karen and Marco. Martin and Marco.
Escaping very hot steam and gas. Sulphate crusts.

 Comparison 1-8 November 2006

The skylight on 1 November.

By 3 November, it has crusted over most of its surface and only a 1-m wide oval is left. The SE crater in the background. See also photos on Part 2..

On 8 November, the skylight has gone completely and is being covered by new lava flows erupting from the spattering hornito above the vent.