- Activity in November 2006 (Part 5) - Lava flows from the 3050 vent West of SE crater (2) -

3 November 2006: The lava from the 3050 m vent (2)

On 3 November, the flow is still active, but the eastern branch (right side) near the vent is no longer active (compare with photos from 1 November).

Surface of the thin, sheet-like lava flow.

The heat above the broad lava flow blurs the air.

The rainstorm the night before has brought patches of snow to the upper parts of Etna. Visitors at the lava flow.
Sunset at the lava flow Many visitors meet at the lava flow, where it is also comfortably warm, despite air temperatures that drop below minus  10 degrees C after sunset...
People climbing on the slope of Bocca Nuova. The branching lava flow at night, spreading out in the flat area. Karen taking photos of the lava.
Spectators watching the magical lava... Sandwich time ! (Marco, Karen and Thorsten and the full moon) Bocca Nuova and the young SE cone, who permitted itself to cut its knive through its larger neighour's flank...