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Geologic hiking & study tours and private tours to Santorini, Greece
Geologic walking tours to Santorini, Greece

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Hawaii volcano tours

Volcano tours to Italy: Vesuvius, Etna, Vulcano and Stromboli

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Walking/study tours to Methana and the Saronic Gulf (Greece)Reisen nach Methana!

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April. 2005:
Photos from a custom tour in Italy

Feb. 2005:
Photos from the last expedition on Kilauea volcano, Hawai'i

May 2004:
Geologic walking tour on Santorini
Group 05/2004

November/December 2003:
Volcano tour on Hawaii.



is page is no longer regularly updated - please look on VolcanoDiscovery's website for more info.

The company VolcanoDiscovery

VolcanoDiscovery, a young company founded and managed by German volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer, offers volcano-oriented trekking, walking and study tours and adventurous expeditions to active volcanoes.


Each of our tours is thoroughly researched and carefully prepared. We offer you professional, personalized first-class service in order to provide you the best possible volcano experience. We offer:

- small to extremely small international groups or individuals
- first-hand knowledge
and accurate information from competent guides
flexible tour programs
- exclusive off-the-beaten
-track programs
- safety
- enviromental responsability

- last but not least, the local flavor of each tour

Visiting active volcanoes can be physically demanding; getting to some of the most interesting locations can involve strenuous exertion and some physical discomfort. However, the unforgettable experience of visiting these wonderful sites is well worth the effort.
The physical demands vary from tour to tour, but our programs are flexible enough to allow modifications to accommodate not only the group's interests and physical capabilities, but also weather changes, volcanic activity, and other external factors.
All tours are led by highly motivated and competent guides, who are either volcanologist
s or otherwise experts in their area.

Contact information:

If you are interested in these programs and want to know the next dates, prices and additional information, please visit the VolcanoDiscovery website or contact us directly:

Email: info(AT)

Before using material on this page elsewhere please contact Tom Pfeiffer.

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