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Cliffs and tuff layers of Santorini

Fumaroles on the active crater of Nea Kameni


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(6-12 part.)

- open (on request) - 5-8 Santorini Winter
(walking/study tour)
on request easy-medium / standard-Deluxe
Spring + autumn 2008/09
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8 / 9

Fascination Volcano
(geologic walking/study tour)

from 950 EUR

medium / standard

Spring + autumn 2008/09
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8 Pearl of the Aegean
(walking/study tour)
950 EUR medium / standard

- open (on request) -


From Therasia to Thera
(walking/study tour)

on request

medium / standard

- open (on request) -


Santorini Volcano
(Deluxe study tour)

on request

easy-medium / Deluxe

Walking tours, geologic excursions on Santorini:

To mention that Santorini, the famous Greek island, is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean is unnecessary, since it is well-known. And this goes literally back to Ancient times, when the group of islands - that in fact Santorini is, not a sinlge island only,- once also was called "Kallisti", or "the most beautiful one".

The walking and study tours on this page are designed for small groups or individuals who want to explore Santorinis fascinating natural and cultural history. Previous knowledge in geology or volcanology is not a requirement, although more specific programs can be tailored for the interested specialist (e.g. geology classes from universities etc.).
The tours are organized by research volcanologist Tom Pfeiffer, who has been working on the island since 1997. During that time, apart from geology field research, Tom has
organized walking tours, geologic excursions, scientific meetings (such as the 1999 workshop of the Working Group of the European Seismological Commission) and participated in film projects (e.g. The Myth of the Lost Atlantis, Discovery Channel).

The programs consist of a series of relaxed excursions, usually off the beaten track. Their common theme is Santorini's outstanding, text-book quality volcanic features, its natural beauty, the friendly people of the island and its rich cultural heritage. You are assured first-hand knowledge and competence. In addition, Tom speaks German, English, Danish, Italian and modern Greek fluently as well as fairly well French, and knows many local people.

Cliffs and tuff layers of Santorini Santorini´s capital, Fira
40,000 year-old plant fossiles in volcanic ash tuffs

"Hi Tom, Thanks again for the super week on Santorini! It really was the experience I expected and I would heartily recommend your trip to anyone interested in combining a holiday on the Greek islands with geologically fascinating day walks. Well done!"
(Bob Davenport, Bremen, Robert-Anton.Davenport@astrium-space.com)


At the moment, 5 different tours on Santorini are offered :

1.: Fascination Volcano (geologic walking tour)
2.: Pearl of the Aegean (Santorini walking tour 1)
3.: From Therasia to Thera
(Santorini walking tour part 2)
4.: Santorini in Winter
5.: Santorini Volcano
(Santorini volcano study tour)

The tours difer not only in the program but also the overall comfort and amount of physical effort required to take part in all (walking) parts of the program. For people who enjoy walking/hiking and have no problems with longer (but relaxed) hikes that can last several hours, the two complimentary walking tours Fascination Volcano, Pearl of the Aegean, and From Therasia to Thera are recommended.
While the first of them concentrates on Santorini´s southern half and the recent volcanic activity inside the caldera, the second tour proposes a number of rewarding walks mostly around the northern half of Thera and on Therasia, the largely unknown, lesser island of the Santorini group. Although being independant from each other, both can be perfectly combined into a two-weeks program. The second tour can also be offered as individual tour where we provide you with a package usually incuding some transportation, accommodation according to your request and detailed tour descriptions as well as tips and recommandations around the excursions, so you can do the tour on your own.
The winter tour is similar to the Fascination Volcano tour, but due to the sometimes extreme weather conditions during the winter time, the program must be decided on the spot. However, the winter tour is ideal for those who want to see the "other" side of the Aegean, with its calm out side of the tourist season and often dramatic light and weather conditions.

The tour version Santorini Volcano is a flexible High-Standard or Deluxe tour, often offere for private parties who seek an exciting mixture of relatively easy, relaxed excursions, in combination with top class accommodation, private transfers in modern AC vehicles or taxi and a competent private guide. The tour length can be adjusted to your preferences, but we recommend at least 4 or 5 full days on Santorini.

All tours are described in more detail on the relevant pages (click on the tour names above).

Individual arrangements:

For complete groups (tourist groups, school classes, hobby geologist groups, etc...) and individuals with specific interests (e.g. geological excursions, filming etc.), we can arrange tailor-made programs of any kind


Walking difficulty rating:

This is meant only as a rough orientation,- the physical requirements of each tour are explained in  more detail for each tour separately.

Easy - suitable for everyone with normal physical condition, no hiking experience needed (walks on easy terrain or good hiking trails, few and short passages over loose ground, max. 2-3 hours walking time, distances up to ca. 4-5 km, max. total climbing ca. 200m).
Medium - suitable for people with good condition and some experience in walking or hiking (walks partly on moderately difficult terrain, in parts over rugged or loose surfaces, max. walking time 5-6 hours, max. distance ca. 12-15 km, max. total climbing up to 4-500m).
Challenging - only suitable for peole with excellent physical condition and experience in hiking (walks on partly difficult terrain with steep passages on loose or rocky ground, total hiking walking time up to 6-8 hours, max. horizontal distances up to ca. 20-30 km, max. climbing  during a day max 1500m) (Note: this does not occur on Santorini...).

Comfort levels:

Basic - simple accomodation such as camping, or mountain huts and similar.
Standard - accomodation in simple, usually family-style mid-class hotels, private bathrooms, telephone, breakfast.
Deluxe - accommodation in small, excellent hotels (upper mid-class and higher)
, private transport throughout the trip

Sulphur crystals in the active Georgios crater on Nea Kameni Swimming in warm iron springs... break during a hike
Fumaroles on the active crater of Nea Kameni walk onto Profitis Ilias mountain in spring A volcanic pumice bomb from Nea Kameni


Booking / Contact information:

If you are interested in this programs or want to make a booking, please contact me directly (preferred via email):

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