STromboli volcano Photos


- June 2002: Stromboli back to normal activity ... -

2 June evening: no eruptive activity within 3 hours...




Hours without eruption: that was typical for Stromboli in May /early June 2002...However, something has changed:  the NE crater with its 2 vents is now constantly glowing giving proof that the magma has risen high within its conduit. Lights on the sea fom boats.



Left: Glowing central and NE crater, traces of boats. In the sky: Gemini, Venus (with halo) and Juptier in conjunction, with their reflection on the sea.

Right: the Milky Way, the trace of an asteroid, lights of boats and Calabria.

8.-9. June: Strong activity at NE crater

stromboli_22515.jpg        stromboli_22509.jpg       stromboli_22511.jpg        stromboli_22916.jpg

Stromboli has suddenly become quite active. The central vent has almost ceased to glow, and the NE crater was constantly spattering, as well as producing powerful explosions up to 400m high every 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, bombs could be seen from even from the Piazza San Vincenzo in the village. Marco and me decide to have a look...Up there on Pizzo, we observe a number of beautiful explosions from the NE crater, happening every 15-20 minutes (100-300m high). Besides, the NW crater erupts weakly every ca. 30 minutes, as well as the central crater with vertical bursts up to 150m high (no pictures of those).  

 stromboli_22616.jpg stromboli_22620.jpg  stromboli_22703.jpg

The activity seems to decrease at daybreak...

Glowing bombs falling back into and outside of the crater. A strange reddish shadow appears in the morning on the sea: reflections of a first sunlight-hit cloud above.

15 June: normal activity (and fumes;-) at NE crater

stromboli_22804.jpg stromboli_22901.jpg stromboli_22907.jpg




Various photos of strombolian activity at Stromboli's NE crater during the night and morning of 15-16 June. Most explosions were rather small but much more frequent than in May; in addition, the crater was constantly showing the glow of its magma-filled conduit. Occasionally, the NW crater (invisible from viewpoint) erupted, too, as seen on the last picture.

16-17 June: Stromboli's NW crater

stromboli_23012.jpg stromboli_23016.jpg

Two pictures showing the weak strombolian activity from crater 3 (NW-crater).

17 June: morning views




The reflecting light of the rising sun on the sea beneath a layer of clouds on the sea and the arriving ferry fron Naples. Skiing on Stromboli ;-) ?! 
On the steep way down on Forgia Vecchia...