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- Lava lake and pahoehoe lava: impressions from the VolcanoDiscovery tours in March 2006 -
Part III:  Ocean entry / miscellaneous

21+25 March 2006: the ocean entry at Lae'apuki

After the recent collapse in Nov. 2005, the bench at Lae'apuki has been regrowing. Steam and wet weather obscure the view onto the small river of lava flowing into the ocean for most of the time.

The same ocean entry seen from the sea

Weak explosions occur from time to time at the water-lava contact During the night, a breakout starts at the sea cliff

Leaving the coast by boat Close-up of spatter and cold fragments ejected by a littoral explosion An old lava tube exposed in the sea cliff

Ferns and Lehua blossoms

Ferns The vent of the 1959 Kilauea Iki eruption Lehua blossom (on a young Ohia shrub)

Margin of devastated forest Kipuka (island of old vegetation) in the rain Lehua blossoms on Ohia tree

Cross shapes