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- Lava lake and pahoehoe lava: impressions from the VolcanoDiscovery tours in March 2006 -
Part II: The lava lake

Lava fountain erupting from the margin of the lake

March 2006: The lava lake inside Pu'u 'O'o

During the past 11 months, a lava lake has been active in one of the craters inside Pu'u 'O'o. In March, it was violently active, with large fountains, a thin crust and impressive waves on its surface, in constant motion by the fountains. It is about 25m across, 15-20m wide and about 15m below the unstable rims, covered with Pele's hair (reddish-yellowis brown).

Views of the lava lake and the divergent boundaries of the thin, soft crust.

Lava fountains close up

Violent lava fountains, several meters tall, playing at the margins of the lava lake

Stalactites and heat glow

Liquid spatter ejected from a fountain hidden beneath the wall to the left. Trembling stalactites hanging from the roof of the lake. View onto the northern inner walls of the pond, with an open vent, whose interior is glowing from the heat.