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Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano Photos

- Part III: Colors and aerial views -

Carbonatite lava stalactites

Bizarre structures of natro-carbonite stalactites, sulfur and algae deposits form beneath the partly collapsed roof of an old cone.

Fresh pahoehoe surface starting to weather and turn white.

Miniature "egg-shells" made of carbonites. Crystallisations of carbonites and sulfur. Rain gullies on the rim of the south crater.  

30 July 2003: aerial views of Lengai volcano

The active north crater seen from the air. The gradual filling  of the crater has led to overflows to the E (left), N (front) and NW (right). .The summit of Ol Doinyo Lengai and the inactive south crater. Oblique view from SE of the north crater. Vertical view of cone T56B, "Little Etna". Note the footsteps on the white ash.

Views onto the crater terrace from various angles. The recently active cone T56 is easily spotted by the presence of fresh black material. Footsteps zigzag the crater.

Mt. Meru volcano, Tanzania, at dusk, seen from Arusha. Comparsion: the view from the summit of Lengai on 5 August View of the crater terrace on 7 August from the summit. The steep flanks of Lengai, ciselled by deep rain gullies.

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