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Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano Photos

- Part 1: Strombolian activity at T56B (Aug. 2003) -

1-2 August 2003: weak strombolian activity at T56B "Little Etna"

Lengai seen from the Rift Valley plain.

Arriving at the crater terraces. Natrocarbonatite lava and ash becomes quickly white. The steep cinder cone T56B is covered by fresh black material stands out from a unearthly landscape with old strange cones and white ash dunes.

Above: Marco and Fred observing weak strombolian bursts from T56B,- informally dubbed "Little Etna"...T58B is the (still) inactive smaller cone to the left. 1st August.

Martin and Marco at work

Observing the erupting hornito at night

Night-time observations of erupting T56B with a setting 1st quarter moon on the evening of 2nd August.

3-4 August 2003: collapse of T56 and rebuilding the cone

Late on 2 August, the top of hornito T56B had collapsed, plunging as a whole piece silently into the hollow conduit beneath. Now the toppled cone quickly resumes its reconstruction, producing dense lava fountains up to 15 m high and ash eruptions up to 50 m high. Photos taken on 3 August.  4 August: Strong fountains continues at T56 on 4 August, rebuilding its steep narrow vent, ready for a next collapse.
Night landscapes with powerful eruptions from T56B. Night landscapes with erupting T56B, milky way and moon. 3 August. Stars and the erupting hornoto T56.

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