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- Part II: Strombolian activity at T58B and T56B -


4-7 August 2003: activity at T58B - small son of "Little Etna"

4 Aug. The small cone T58B south of T56B had become active.

 5 Aug. After a collapse during the night, T58B' is a wide-open mouth.

Spattering from T58B at night.

7 Aug. Exploding lava bubbles from T58B.


T58B (l) and T56B (r) in simultaneous action on 5 August.

5-7 August 2003: collapse of the re-built cone and fast re-growth

5 Aug. Just minutes after arriving at the scene, the steep T56B "Little Etna" collapses again, this time caused by static pressure from the magma column within. Its steepest top parts give after and slide away, giving way to powerful eruptions of huge lava bobbles and fountains. The flank of the cone are showered by the dull-red liquid lava. We can almost watch the cone growing again.

Little Etna at its best and traces of its collapse the day before.

Fresh scoria from T58B

T58B (left) and T56B (right)

Comparison: T58B and T56B on 5 Aug before the collapse (left photo) and on 7 Aug, already fully re-grown...(right), 

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