photo gallery



- Colors -

1. Black and White

Corals and black lava gravel stones.

Cliff of layers of lava flows and the white foam of breaking waves.

Fish and ice.
Above photo: Sign saying "Natl. Park boundary"

2. Yellow


Sulfur from a fumarole.

Sunset at Hapuna beach.

Lava flow.

3. Green

Greenish tuff layers at Green Sand beach.

4. Blue

Observatories on Mauna Kea at night.

Blue sunset sky.

Hapuna beach and Maui in the background.

5. Red

After sunset.

Skylights at Kilauea volcano.

6. Black and green

Lava trees near Pu'u O'o.

Akaka falls.

Akaka falls and rain forest.

7. Black and yellow

Lava flows in the coastal plain.

8. Black and red

Glow from a lava flow.

Pahoehoe lava, flood-like (left) and toe-forming (right)

9. Black and blue

Mauna Loa seen from Mauna Kea.

Napau crater lava flows.

Top of Mauna Kea.

10. Green and blue

Cinder cones on the flank of Mauna Kea.

Puna coast.

Green Sand beach.