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- Impressions from Pu'u O'o's long-lived eruption in 2000/2001 -


Part I: Lava entering the sea (late Nov. - mid Dec. 2000)

Hawaii - ocean entry Hawaii Hawaii

Lava entering the sea from 2 spots at the edge of the bench at night of 30 Nov.2000. Stars above the glowing steam cloud.

Occasionally mixing of boiling water and the hot lava causes small explosions.(28 Nov. 2000).

Hawaii Lava entering the sea. Hawaii

Lava entering the sea (12 Dec. 2000).

Hawaii Steam plume at sea entry.  

Small explosions caused by rapid vaporization of sea water (28 Dec. 2000).

Steam plume at the lava ocean entry (28 Dec. 2000).


Part II: Lava flows on Pulama pali on December 18, 2000

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii

Pulama pali and a close-up of fast running liquid lava in small channels.

A lava flow destroying forest seen at night.

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii

At the end of a 3-days long pause lava breaks out from the old tube system, descending as pahoehoe and aa flows the slopes of the pali below.

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii

Pahoehoe and aa lava channels.

Hawaii Hawaii  

Left: the awesome spectacle of lavaflows (mostly aa) at night. 

Below: aa flows devastate the rests of a small kipkua (forested island between older flows).

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii