- new flank eruption from the fissure at the Valle del Bove wall in September 2004 -

13-14 September

Sunday "party" feeling near and on the new lava flow... An old dike and the lava flow. Marco (r. photo) taking pictures of the lava fall hidden in perspective beneath dikes; the roaring noise of tumbling blocks falling for around 50m is impressive. The weekly active end of the flow can barely be seen near the bottom of the Valle del Bove. Lights of Giarre town in the background
Again after sunset, strong spattering from the vent sets in. The steep hornito that had formed on the vent during the previous night eventually collapses, forcing us to flee to a safe position (compare the last photo taken after the collapse, where the hornito is missing). Within two hours, a new, bigger hornito has formed. (Light on 3rd photo is from a camera flash).
Tom Pfeiffer (l.) and Marco Fulle (r.) The new hornito seen from above on Sept. 14. Final view of the rather unchanged lava flow at dusk on the 14th.