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- SEC paroxysms Nr. 6-10: photos from an excursion -

26 June: waiting for nr. 10...

Marco and Stephane looking at the scary gaping fracture that cuts through the Levantino (lower right of picture).

Marco (upper right), a small spot on the steep slope, making his difficult way down from the saddle between Levantino (left) and the summit of SEC (right of picture). The ground is covered with thousands of recent bombs.  Having nothing else to do, we catch a glimpse of the setting sun at the rim of the Voragine.

27 June: paroxysm nr. 10

Paroxysm nr. 10 is in all regards very similar to its predecessor nr. 9., but longer and slightly less violent. At sunset, spattering starts at the Levantino, as well as from the fissure cutting through it.

The activity increases at a very slow pace. Spattering is seen from 3 vents on and near Levantino.

Left: SE cone, Levantino and the lava flows. 

Right: close-up of Levantino and the active fissure above it.

Lava flows from Levantino which is hidden behind the illuminated steam clouds. 

Strombolian activity at the summit crater.

Lava flows on the slope towards Valle del Leone.

28 June: departure...

Marco (after 5 paroxysms in a row)... Stephane Not too bad for a first time visit...
happy Salomé, Irene and Elisa