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- SEC paroxysms Nr. 6-10: photos from an excursion -

21 June: failed attempt...

On the way up from Piano Provenzana with exceptionally good views over Sicily, the Ionian Sea, and Calabria (in the background).

Snow-covered NE crater.

Marco and Mario enjoying the view over Valle del Leone from Piano delle Conczze.

22 June: paroxysm nr. 8

By the time we reach the Torre del Filosofo, the eruption has fully developped into a paroxysm. It's less violent than nr. 7, with strong strombolian activity from the summit, but no fountaining. Large lava bombs land on the flank of the cone and roll down, leaving brown dust traces.

Large magma bubbles explode in the summit crater, throwing out giant lava bombs.

Strong strombolian activity in full daylight.

At a certain point, a tornado, ca. 2 km high, forms by convecting heat and convergent winds on the SW flank of the cone. This rare phenomenon lasts only a few minutes.

 Levantino behind the flank continues to emit a lava flow for a while. Ash and steam clouds illuminated by the setting sun (left), and the lava flow from Levantino (right).  


Above right 3 photos: At the end of the paroxysm, the summit crater emits a dense ash plume that rises several km (and showers us with lapilli and ash...).

24 June: paroxysm nr. 9

Stephane standing on the Belvedere looking over Valle del Bove, and the Ionian Sea. 

Suddenly, NEC emits dense ash-clouds (l), whose shadows look beautiful over the coastal area of Acireale and the Ionian Sea (r.).- Does it mean, no paroxysm ? 

No! Towards sunset, mild spattering starts below the Levantino.

The spattering intensifies slowly...

Around sunset, nice strombolian activity is seen at the summit. 

During the main phase of the eruption, both SEC summit crater (left), Levantino (middle) and the lava flows (right) are active, with strombolian activity and vigorous spattering. Bright rivers of lava descend into the Valle del Leone.