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Adventure - sulphur mines at Kawah Ijen

Trekking and climbing volcanoes - sunrise from Merapi volcano

Dramatic, green landscapes

Indesia's colorful cuisinie - here a sate vedor



Tour name
(tour type):




From Krakatoa to Bali
(Study and walking tour)



May-Sept 8 Semeru, Bromo, Ijen volcanoes
(Trekking Tour)




Fire Mountains of Java and Bali
(Trekking tour)



all year


Volcanoes of East Java
(Study and walking tour)



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Why Indonesia?

Indonesia boasts more active volcanoes than anywhere else in the world. Many of them are very photogenic and invite for exciting excursions ranging from easy walks to multiple-days trekking tours. Some of the most famous volcanic eruptions occurred in Indonesia in the remote and recent past, such as Tambora (1815) and Krakatoa (1883), both events that left a deep impression in history.
But Indonesia offers much more than volcanoes: It is also an extremely colorful and diverse country, with dramatic landscapes, wonderful beaches, thousands of islands, and bustling villages. Visitors are delighted by the friendliness of the Indonesian people.

Why choose VolcanoDiscovery for Your tour?

We can rely on a strong network of local resources. We work closely with experienced volcanologists, tour leaders, both local and foreign, as well as the best local suppliers. These professionals offer  safe, knowledgeable, exciting tours in volcanic and other environments. Our tours are dynamic products that have evolved with the years: We constantly monitor their quality to satisfy our commitment to make them as good and interesting as any possible.
We are offering both scheduled tours and tours on demand: for example, "From Krakatoa to Bali", our "classic tour", is an exciting study/ walking tour to Java's volcanoes with a minimum of physical requirements, comfortable accomodation and transport. It is an excellent introduction to Java's varied volcanic landscapes and the country itself. The tour "Fire Mountains of Java and Bali" is an example of a challenging trekking adventure that includes the very rewarding climbs to 3 of Java's most interesting and active volcanoes: Merapi, Welirang and Semeru.
VOLCANO DISCOVERY guarantees adventure, fun, and relaxation. We pride ourselves on our attention to safety and detail so that you can get the most out of this once in a lifetime experience! We arrange custom-made programs on request, offering logistic support for almost any volcano-related activity in Indonesia. Our expertise includes Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi and neighboring areas.

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Monitoring volcanic activity Delicous food
Active volcanoes Volcanological observatories

Individual programs / programs on request:

For interested individuals and complete groups, we arrange custom-made programs on request. For special projects, or offer logistic support for almost any volcano-related activity in Indonesia. We are able to cover most of Indonesia, in particular: Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi and neighboring areas.


A) A demanding, but spectacular 3-4 days trekking tour to Rinjani volcano on Lombok island (7 days total from/to Bali).

B) Krakatoa volcano and Ujong Kulong National Park trekking adventures.

C) Excursions (trekking, sightseeing etc.) into one of the last remaining pristine jungles on Java, in the heart of the difficult-to-access Meru Betiri National Park. Here is the only remaining habitat of the extremely rare Java tiger as well as many other endangered or protected species such as the giant sea turtle.

D) Special tours such as volcano expeditions to current eruptions,- researched and arranged on request.


Borobodur temple


Walking/ trekking difficulty rating:

This is meant only as a rough orientation,- the physical requirements of each tour are explained in  more detail for each tour separately.

Easy - suitable for everyone with normal physical condition, no special hiking experience needed (walks on easy terrain or good hiking trails, few and short passages over loose ground, max. 2-3 hours walking time, distances up to ca. 4-5 km, max. total climbing ca. 3-400 m).
Medium - suitable for people with very good condition and some experience in walking or hiking (walks partly on moderately difficult terrain, in parts over rugged or loose surfaces, max. walking time 5-6 hours, max. distance ca. 12-15 km, max. total climbing up to 4-500 m).
Strenuous - only suitable for peole with excellent physical condition and experience in hiking (walks on partly difficult terrain with steep passages on loose or rocky ground, total hiking walking time up to 8-10 hours, max. horizontal distances up to ca. 20-30 km, max. climbing or descending during a day: 1500 m).


Information / Booking / Contact:

If you are interested in these programs and want to know the next dates, prices and additional information, please visit the VolcanoDiscovery website or contact us directly:

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