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- new pictures from 2002 / 2003 -

Santorini's colors on the cliffs: black, white and red

Santorini's cliffs have fascinating shapes and colors that never look alike. Black lava flows, red spatter and white ash tuffs dominate, but light and season modify this in an always surprising manner. For the presented selection, the location of each photo is shown on a small map (click here to open and enlarge it) below.

1. View of Oia's red cliffs and the small harbour of Armeni (r.). 2. Therasia's western tip 3. Colored tuffs and lava flows cut by dikes on NE Santorini.
4/5. Views of the 200 m high cliffs near Fira. Note the alternating black lava flows and thick red and white tuff layers. 6. Detail.
7. View over the 300 m high caldera cliffs from near Pirgos. The white layer on top is the Minoan tuff from 1645 BC (--> Minoan eruption)
8. Bright tuffs near Cape Plaka.
9. View over Nea Kameni's Georgios crater and the Niki dome (middle). Imerovigli on the Skaros lavas and the caldera cliffs in the background. 10. Red tuffs of southern Thera on a windy winter day. 11. Exposures of 30-40 m thick Minoan tuff on top of the caldera cliffs.
12. Oia and the red cliffs (welded spatter agglomerate of Upper Scoria II eruption, ca. 40 ka) 13. Old red and gray tuffs of southern Thera.White layers above are Lower Pumice (200/180 ka) and Minoan Pumice (3.6 ka). 14. Cliffs with outcropping basement rocks near Cape Plaka.
15. Same location as picture 14. (Cape Plaka). 16. As 14, overview over the spring-time Plaka bay.

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