Nyiragongo Volcano Photos

- Impressions from the tour to the volcano  -

Observing the lava lake (VolcanoDiscovery expedition 2007)

The lava lake inside the concentric terraces. View on the lava lake from the crater rim. Gaping fractures at the crater rim, dead vegetation killed in the 2002 eruption. Gas and steam venting from the lava lake.
The lava lake at twilight. Observators on the crater rim.
The lava lake at night Telephoto lenses are useful to photograph the surface of the lake. Dream-like scenes at night.

Death and life

A lava bomb from the 2002 eruption landed between the main trunks of this tree. Trees stripped off their branched during the fiery bombardment of the 2002 eruption. The still hot, steaming eruptive fissure of the 2002 eruption. Park sign, used as gunshot training target during the 1994 civil war.
Remaining trunks of charred trees. Martin taking a picture of a burned tree trunk. Charred tree trunks and branches on the 2002 lava flow.
The visitor center at the trailhead to the mountain. Beatiful flower.

Children of the park ranger's families.