Semeru Volcano Photos

Semeru volcano: summit (Sept. 2005)

Classical Strombolian eruption of Semeru volcano in a sequence, seen from the summit (Sept. 2005).
Climbers on the summit of Semeru volcano. Shadow of Semeru at dawn. First sunrays at 3700 m. a.s.l.
Sequence of Strombolian ash eruption in early morning light. Mushroom cloud of a powerful Strombolian eruption of Semeru. Erupting Semeru seen from Ranu Pani village.
Camp at 2900 m. a.s.l. (Kalimati campsite) Semeru at dawn, seen from the rim of the Tengger caldera. View from Semeru's summit onto the caldera of ancient Semeru (foreground) and the Tengger volcano caldera (background) Symmetrical stratovolcano: Semeru.

Volcanoes of Java: Semeru volcano (2004)

Weak strombolian activity from Semeru (March 2004).

Ash emissions from Semeru in the first sunlight (August 2004). The Tengger caldera with smoking Semeru in the background.
Semeru's perfect cone-shape dominating large parts of East Java's landscape. Seismic recording of typical eruptions of Semeru.