Merapi Volcano Photos

Merapi volcano: seen from the air (Aug. 2005)

Merapi volcano seen from a domestic flight.

Merapi volcano, and in the background: Sumbing and Sinduro volcanoes.

Seismograph at a local observatory at Merapi volcano.

Volcanoes of Indonesia: Merapi (photos from 2004)

Merapi seen from the W... ...and from Yogyakarta Morning view of Merapi from Kaliurang (Aug. 2004). Warming up at night on top of the volcano.
Sunrise from Merapi's top (2914m a.s.l.). Slowly, bizarre rock formations of the lava dome become visible amidst the dense steam (August 2004).
The highest point of Merapi, a spine-like structure, called the "Garuda rock" ("rock of the eagle"). The most recent part of the dome. Merapi's morning shadow over Java.
Fumaroles and sulphur deposits on the lava dome. A steep gorge between two different older parts of the dome, filled with a flat cover of sand and...

...miscellaneous messages from visitors.

Jim observing the fumaroles at the old dome. Views over Central and W Java with numerous other volcanic peaks (e.g. Mt. Sumbing on r. photo) The present summit cone, a lava dome (ca. 250 m high), occupies an older crater. Note the tiny blue hut for scale.
Deep valleys cut Merapi's flanks, showing numerous pyroclastic deposits. Observing recent block and ash flows, often containing abundant charcoal from trees burnt by the pyroclastic flows.
Merapi's seismic activity is monitored closely. Visit in the local volcanological observation post. Group 08/2004 at breakfast after the morning excursion to Merapi.