Stromboli Volcano Photos

- Stromboli's activity in October 2006 -

9-11 October 2006:  moderate activity and 7 active vents

Eruption of the central crater hiddenbehind fumes. (11 Oct) Eruption of the NE crater. (11 Oct) 7 active vents are visible. On the right photo, the hornito in NW crater erupts one of its typical jets of gas and few scoria, while NE crater erupts lots of incandescent scoria. (9 Oct)
NE crater erupting at dawn. (11 Oct) A gas-charged jet from NW crater hornito. Scoria-rich eruptions, sometimes producing ash plumes, from the NE crater.
Typical, funish fiew onto the crater terrace. Eruptions from NE crater at dawn.