Stromboli Volcano Photos

- New strombolian activity and the Sciara del Fuoco in Sept. 2003 -

20-21 September 2003: Rockfalls on the Sciara del Fuoco

Strombolian activity at the NE crater during the night of 20-21 Sept.

Dust trails of hundreds of blocks tumbling down the steep slope of the Sciara del Fuoco. A larger rockfall at the W end of the young part of the Sciara.

Views of the Sciara from the sea, the young lava flow field, now mostly covered with fresh blocks that have fallen from the lava flow fronts or ejected from the crater, large rockfall on the picture to the right.

21-22 September: beautiful strombolian activity from NE crater


NE crater seen from 400 m a.s.l.


Besides continuing low spattering from a small, hidden lava lake, some more powerful explosions took place every 20-30 minutes, throwing blocks up to 200 m high.

Impressions at dawn. The breached E wall of the NE crater; on the left picture, an ash eruption from the NW crater in the background takes place

Ash-rich strombolian explosions from the NW crater. Looking down 900 m... Recent rainfalls have produced viscous, pahoehoe lava-like mud flows on the sandy volcanic ash.