Stromboli Volcano Photos / Videos

- Spectacular activity in early December 2003 -

Thanks to A. Fisher and R. Schulz, the following photos and short videoclips showing the strong activity of Stromboli's NE-crater during early December 2003 have become available on decadevolcano.net. A short report about the circumstances under which these photos/videos were taken is also available on the Stromboli updates pages (December 2003).

7 December 2003: photos


Stromboli's NE crater in activity during late evening of 8 Dec. 2003. Note the liquid magma bubble exploding essentially above the vent exit in the crater on the first photo.
(photo copyrights: A. Fisher / photos@decadevolcano.net)

7 December 2003: videos

Zoom into erupting NE crater. Note mild continuous spattering before and after the main explosion, indicating a very high level of magma. - The situation is just like during mid-late 2002, when this led to a flank eruption. Could this repeat itself in the near future?
[Format: Real Player, 250KB, high compression]
Strong eruption with a large liquid jet of lava at the beginning. Note the arrival of the sound wave is slightly delayed due to the distance.
[Format: Real Player, 169KB high compression. For a smoother version: mpeg1-Format, 2281KB]
Typical medium-sized strombolian eruption taken with a wider angle.
[Format: Real Player, 227KB, high compression]
(videos copyrights: R. Schulz / photos@decadevolcano.net)