- flank eruption on both Etna's N and S side in 2002: people and effects of the eruption -


4. November: ash fall on the S and E side of Etna

The continued ash emission of the new crater on Etna's S side at 2700 m elevation has caused severe damage and nuisance due to ash fall all around Etna, mostly in the S and E area on the leeside of the prevailing wind directions.

thm_etna_29607.jpg     thm_etna_29601.jpg      thm_etna_29606.jpg     thm_etna_29613.jpg

International year of the mountain. Church of Zafferana Etnea. - A car of the Guardia di Finanza standing in the ash-rain. - Ash flowers - Bring the light!

thm_etna_29604.jpg  thm_etna_29301.jpg thm_etna_29603.jpg

Umbrellas and good company is all you need in the sunny ash-rain!

Some like the ash...!

Cleaning the sidewalk.




Almost 1 cm of ash during one night! 


5 November: the lava flows on the N side

On 5 November, the lava flows from the N fissure which had destroyed the tourist complex Piano Provenzana on the first day had essentially stopped. Here, some pictures are presented that show the cooling lava flow that had invaded into the pine forest and on what once was Piano Provenzana.

thm_etna_29619.jpg thm_etna_29621.jpg thm_etna_29627.jpg

Looking on the interrupted road leading to Piano Provenzana. The flow edge is ca. 6 m high.

Lava has cut into the ever-green pine forset.

The interior of the flow is still hot. 

thm_etna_29622.jpg thm_etna_29628.jpg thm_etna_29632.jpg

L.: A naked tree trunk barely escaped from being burnt completely. - M.: Lava brings proud trees to fall. First is encompasses the trunk which can resists long enough that when the tree fall over, the surface of the lava flow is already cool enough to prevent the rest of the tree from burning. - R.: Remainder of what once was a house.

thm_etna_29634.jpg thm_etna_29635.jpg thm_etna_29636.jpg

Marco takes a picture of the destroyed W wall of the remains of the Hotel "Le Betulle".  

Close view of the concrete wall wall that was pushed outwards by the lava flow. 


5 November: earthquake evidence and the flow front

thm_etna_29705.jpg thm_etna_29706.jpg thm_etna_29707.jpg

Details of the earthquake-damaged road leading from Linguaglossa to Piano Provenzana.

thm_etna_29709.jpg thm_etna_29712.jpg thm_etna_29716.jpg

The still slowly advancing front of the lava flow at ca. 1200 m elevation.

Stephane taking a picture of the glowing interior of the flow.

From time to time, larger boulders tumble down from the front and release a veil of dust.

thm_etna_29721.jpg thm_etna_29825.jpg thm_etna_29731.jpg

Glowing rocks roll down from the flow front edge. Their surface cools quickly hiding their glowing interior..

Firemen's group photo with lava...