- Impressions from Etna's new flank eruption in July/August 2001 -


26 July: lavaflow at La Sapienza tourist station



thm_etna_3809.jpg thm_etna_3823.jpg

Left: Journalists on the artificial dam built to protect La Sapienza while a huge lava flow is approaching it. Center/ right: Bulldozer try to dig dams and channels for the appraoching flow.

thm_etna_3825.jpg thm_etna_3822.jpg thm_etna_3827.jpg thm_etna_3828.jpg
In a desperate attempt, bulldozer try to build a new dam across the parking lot, few minutes before the arrival of the lava flow. The flow has overtopped a dam and makes its way onto a dirt road.

Lava destroying the parking lot.

26 July: lava at La Sapienza

thm_etna_3909.jpg thm_etna_3917.jpg thm_etna_3918.jpg

Media spectators and the huge lava flow passing through La Sapienza.

thm_etna_4008.jpg thm_etna_3929.jpg thm_etna_3932.jpg

Bulldozers are continuing thier work all night.

thm_etna_4009.jpg thm_etna_3928.jpg thm_etna_3937a.jpg

The lava flow from the 2500m vent (above right, middle picture) descends the former ski run, destroying several pylons of the cable car.

27 July: the 2100m vent

etna_4114.jpg  thm_etna_4232.jpg  thm_etna_4225.jpg  thm_etna_4303.jpg  thm_etna_4032.jpg

The fissure at 2100m elevation below the Montagnola is now buried under a small pyroclastic cone which continues to be active, with moderate spattering from 2 vents and effusion of a 5m wide lava flow. 

thm_etna_4201.jpg thm_etna_4322.jpg thm_etna_4334.jpg
Spattering from 2 vents. Explosion from the lower vent Lava flow
etna_4232.jpg thm_etna_4337.jpg thm_etna_4403.jpg
Lava flows from the 2500m and 2100m vents.

28 July: Cono del Lago

thm_etna_4421.jpg thm_etna_4422.jpg thm_etna_4514.jpg

Ocasionally, explosions occur from a vent on the NW flank of the young cone.


thm_etna_4431.jpg thm_etna_4522.jpg

2 views from similar points showing the growth of the cone between 24 and 28 July. By 28 July, it had reached over 100m height !

thm_etna_4504.jpg thm_etna_4606.jpg
thm_etna_4608.jpg thm_etna_4628.jpg thm_etna_4726.jpg

Again: dusk and night time impressions... Active flank vent on last picture.

thm_etna_4812.jpg thm_etna_4834.jpg thm_etna_4835.jpg

Cono del Lago in strombolian activity with Catania in the background.

Spattering and an emerging lava flow from the newly active hornitos at 2950m elevation between SEC (faintly visible silhuette in upper half of left picture) and TdF.

29 July: night views

thm_etna_4931.jpg thm_etna_4936.jpg thm_etna_5331.jpg thm_etna_5006.jpg

Active hornitos and lava flow (that had started on 28 July) from the 2950m eruptive fissure vents below the SE crater.

thm_etna_5015.jpg thm_etna_5026.jpg



Views from the terrace of the still undisturbed Torre del Filosofo...:
- L.: vent at 2700m (left), fissure and Cono del Lago at 2500m (center) and lava flows into Valle del Bove (left) and towards Monte Nero degli Zappini (right). - M.: eruptive fissure at 2500m elevation. - R.: 2700m cone with 5 active vents.

Cono del Lago (2500m) with lights of Catania in background

thm_etna_5032.jpg thm_etna_5120.jpg thm_etna_5125.jpg thm_etna_5213.jpg
Strong strombolian activity and sporadic fountaining at Cono del Lago.
thm_etna_5128.jpg thm_etna_5133.jpg
thm_etna_5229.jpg thm_etna_5210.jpg

Cono del Lago and a lava flow.

Hornitos on the 2700m eruptive fissure. A small chimney ejecting a jet of hot gas and occasionally lava fragments is seen left of the big hornito (left picture). the bright white spot comes from another incandescent chimney in the background.

thm_etna_5310.jpg thm_etna_5308.jpg

Strombolian activity in moonlight at the 2700m cone near Belvedere.