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Ol Doinyo Lengai 2003: Videos

On the following page, decadevolcano.net is proud to present a selection of sample clips (in low resolution) of video footage taken taken on Ol Doinyo Lengai by Martin Rietze, who was a member of the 2003 expedition together with Tom and other people. For scientific, educational or publishing purposes high-resolution material and/ or additional footage can be made available. Copyright of all vidoes Martin Rietze.

T56B ... "Little Etna"

Left: 30 July 2003. Overflying the crater terrace of Ol Doinyo Lengai."Little Etna in the center". (757 MB)

Right: 3 Aug. 2003 morning, from S. T56B erupting 10-20 m tall ash fountains. (344 KB)


Left: 3 Aug. 2003 morning. T56B's activity, seen from the W, undergoes fluctuations on a time scale of 30-60 minutes. Here, strombolian eruptions have gained in violence with individual jets reaching around 50m height. (1.17 MB)

Right: 3 Aug. Similar activity during the night. (273 MB)


Left:5 Aug. 2003 day. Violent spattering occurs in episodes, piling up fresh material on the steep top of T68B. (1.04 MB)

Right: 5 Aug. 2003 day. After its first collapse on late 2 Aug. the cone has fully re-grown by 5 Aug., ready for the next collapse... (684 KB)




Left: 5 Aug. 2003 evening. The initial phase of the spectacular collapse of cone. (1.14 MB)

Right: minutes later, half of the upper part of T56B are missing and violent bursts of liquid magma shower the cone (835 KB).

T58B ... little neighbor of "Little Etna"

Left:4 Aug. evening. Violent spattering from the partially collapsed cone T58B. (579 KB)

Right: 6 Aug. evening. The active small fountaining lava lake inside the cone T58B. (437 KB).


.Above: 7 Aug. 2003 early morning before sunrise. 3 clips of spectacular spattering from the breached cone T56B while the lava's dim red glow  is still visible. (1.73 MB / 993 KB / 702 KB)

7 Aug. 2003 morning just before (l) and after (r) sunrise. Extremely close footage of the erupting lava lake inside the new crater. Now in daylight, the lava is appearing black and spatter from exploding lava bubbles from the boiling lava lake quickly builds up a parasitic flank cone - note the different morphology of the cone between these clips ca. 15 minutes apart! (1.18 MB / 993 KB)

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